Thermal Imagers


FLIR MR176 - Thermal Imaging Moisture Meter - with IGM (Infrared Guided Measurement), Replaceable Hygrometer, Pin and Pinless


TOPDON TC005 256 x 192 IR High Resolution Dual-Camera Thermal Imaging Camera with 12-Hour Battery Life and 2MP Visual Light Camera, -4°F~1022°F Handheld Infrared Thermal Imager with PC 2D/3D Analysis


Klein Tools TI250 Rechargeable Thermal Imaging Camera, Camera Displays Over 10,000 Pixels with 3 Color Palettes, High / Low Temperature Points


TOPDON TC004 Thermal Imaging Camera, 256 x 192 IR High Resolution 12-Hour Battery Life Thermal Camera with PC Analysis and Video Recording Supported, Handheld Infrared Camera with 16GB Micro SD Card


TOPDON TC001 Thermal Camera for Android, 256x192 IR High Resolution, Thermal Imaging Camera, Thermal Imager - Optimized Temperature Accuracy, Works for Smartphones and Tablets & PC(not for iOS)


FLIR ONE Gen 3 - iOS - Thermal Camera for Smart Phones - with MSX Image Enhancement Technology


Klein Tools TI222 Thermal Imager for iOS Devices, Thermal Imaging Camera, 10,800 Pixels, Three Color Palettes, High/Low Temperatures


FLIR One Pro LT iOS Pro-Grade Thermal Camera for Smartphones



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AGM Global Vision Asp-Micro TM160 Thermal Imaging Monocular for Hunting, Short Range Thermal Imager with Heat Vision, High-Sensitivity Infrared monocular with Distance Measurement and Wi-Fi Hotspot


UNI-T UTi120S Infrared Thermal Camera 120x90 IR Resolution Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera 10800 Pixels,Thermal Imager,IP54 Rechargeable 16GB MicroSD 2 Meter Drop Durability